Aluminum Castings

  • Air-set sand molding
  • Large casting capacity
  • Prototype and short-run production casting
  • Specialty casting
  • Encapsulated stainless steel manifolds
  • Steel insert casting

Lenape Tooling's foundry manufactures high quality aluminum castings for a wide variety of applications. Our air-set foundry system allows us to cast in stainless steel water line manifolds for mold temperature control. Using plaster drag patterns enables us to maintain constant wall thickness which reduces casting shrinkage and promotes even heating and cooling characteristics of the mold.

Using established techniques, pattern types, and practices, our experienced team can provide both small and large castings, from prototype or short run production parts to much larger cast aluminum molds. In addition to our foam and plastic mold castings, examples of our work include after-market automotive parts, decorative metal pieces for cabinetry, reproduction antique parts, and artist castings.