Cast and Machined Aluminum Molds

  • Machining
  • Steel and aluminum welding
  • Convection or fluid-heated molds
  • Mold carriers and fixtures
  • EDM, epoxy, or machined sealing surfaces

As evidenced by a spectrum of industries served and a long history of satisfied customers, Lenape Tooling provides molds and tooling for most molding applications. We work closely with our customers to develop molds that best perform for their specific application. Whether it is a Low pressure foam mold, Resin injection mold, Rotational mold, Thermoforming mold, Checking or Assembly fixtures, our products are proven in the industry.

Whether it is a cast aluminum mold or machined aluminum mold, fabricated aluminum mold, fiberglass resin or composite prototype mold we offer a solution that meets the customers criteria.

Our full service facility also provides Metal machining and fabrications, Dimensional or assembly fixtures, Mold carriers with pneumatic or hydraulic automation. Customers have commented on our tooling calling it "Plug and Play" due to the ease of tooling implementation at their facilities.