Models & Patterns

Master Models

  • Models in wood, clay, plastic, or plaster
  • Hand-built or CNC cut from CAD or samples

The model phase of the mold making process gives the customer the ability to review a physical master that will reflect what the final part will be. At this stage changes can be incorporated into the part prior to proceeding with the production aluminum tooling.

With over 50 years combined experience Lenape Tooling Model Makers are able to create master models that are accurate and cost effective. We are able to hand make models from an idea, concept, or sample part. Our Designers can create CAD data, or we can use customer supplied data for model builds with unique challenges.

Manufactured Patterns

  • Patterns in plaster, fiberglass, rubber, wood, or foundry sand
  • Permanent or temporary disposable patterns

Lenape Tooling creates foundry patterns that are suited for whatever a project requires. Whether it is a hard wood or plastic pattern for a foundry match plate or a plaster master mold for our aluminum molds we, offer a solution. Our in house pattern sho allows us to seamlessly move a project quickly and effectively though the build process and into the foundry effectively reducing cost and shortening lead times.

Using a wide variety of materials and techniques, we are able to resolve many conditions that may exist in a customers design.

We pride ourselves on finding solutions for difficult pattern making and molding challenges.